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Ep194 – Seaton Smith

From Comedy Central, NBC and FOX, comedian Seaton Smith is here to help us talk: El Chappo, when to stop man whoring, silly fights, staying out of the friend zone from the start, and...

ep193-chris-distefano 0

Ep193 – Chris Distefano

From Letterman, and MTV’s Guy Code, Chris Deistefano , is here as we examine: being a good father, surviving a storm, your perspective of yourself, getting past your obstacles, and putting a woman under...

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Ep192 – Pat Dixon

From the NYC Crime Report podcast, comedian Pat Dixon is here as we discuss: Feminism, 50 Shades of Grey, rape accusations, women’s safety, and not getting taken advantage of.

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Ep191 – Gina Brillon

From Late Night with Seth Myers and Gotham Comedy, comedian Gina Brillion joins us as we discuss: Braking up, letting go of resentment, being a positive person, and getting over a cheater.

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Ep152-Alexis-Guerreros 2

Ep152 – Alexis and Dee Guerreros

Comedian Alexis Guerreros and his wife and photographer, Dee are with us to examine: Growing up without a male figure, men and women needing each other, today’s feminism, communicating in relationship, not repressing feeling,...

Ep154-Listener-Mail 0

Ep154 – Listener Mail

It’s all about helping people today as we do some listener mail as we talk: sex positions, if it’s ok to be funny during sex, making your man an alpha, getting your chick to...

Ep140-Marina-Franklin 2

Ep140 – Marina Franklin

From Comedy Central comedian Marina Franklin joins us to examine: Women banging young dudes, the differences that come with age, experimenting with intimacy, making big life changes and indifference vs hate.