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Ep131-Peggy-OLeary-Karith-Foster 0

Ep131 – Peggy O’Leary and Karith-Foster

Today on the Beige Phillip Show, The crew sits down with Peggy O’Leary and Karith Foster to discuss red flags, your personal image of yourself, acting like a man, and gender roles.

Ep130-Mike-Yard 2

Ep130 – Mike Yard

Getting back into the game after losing someone, how women have changed, picking someone up on the rebound, women not caring about your finances and calling women on their shit.

Ep129-Listener-Mail 0

Ep129 – Listener Mail

It’s just the family as we sit back to reflect on catcalling, Dante and his ex, why Harry is now Mr. October, and answer your questions about texting, erectile dysfunction, dealing with a crazy...

Ep128-DeAdre-Aziza 2

Ep128 – De’Adre Aziza

One of Dante’s exes, actress and singer De’Adre Aziza is here. It’s a first hand account of Dante’s relationships and we also find out about making your woman better, making it impossible for her...

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Ep48-Abel tavares 0

Ep48 – DJ Abel & Keren Margolis

Deejay Able Taveras and Comedian Keren Margolis are here to help us discuss the intricacies of open relationships, making up for lost time as a late bloomer, how a girl in a back brace...

Sam Morril 0

Ep73 – Sam Morril

Sam Morril is actually a pretty sweet guy. He joins us to talk about the proper amount of energy you have to put into dating, the levels of women’s personalities, and who changes more...

Ep113-Ted-Alexandro 1

Ep113 – Ted Alexandro

From Comedy Central and Letterman, Ted Alexandro sits in to help us discus, defining masculinity, the evolved man, and emotional kicks in the ass. Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes. Also, you...

Ep44-Andrew Shulz 0

Ep43 – Andrew Schulz

From MTV’s Guy Code, Andrew Schulz is here to let you know why he used to be a feminist, and why he’s such an attention whore. Hosted by comedian Dante Nero. Co-hosted by comedians...