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Ep134-Listener-Mail 0

Ep134 – Listener Mail

It’s just the family as we answer some listener mail to help people with questions about being authentic, earning respect, and passing a woman’s test.

Ep133-Karl-Hess 0

Ep133 – Karl Hess

From Montreal comedy festival, MTV comedian Karl Hess is here to help us discuss: Men Going Their Own Way, (MGTOW), do men know more about women then women?, and how intense is too intense...

Ep132-Josh-Accardo 1

Ep132 – Josh Accardo

Comedian Josh Accardo is back and he won’t disappoint as we discuss: running trains, threesomes the best beds to have sex on, encountering resistance, and a new type submissive.

Ep131-Peggy-OLeary-Karith-Foster 4

Ep131 – Peggy O’Leary and Karith-Foster

Today on the Beige Phillip Show, The crew sits down with Peggy O’Leary and Karith Foster to discuss red flags, your personal image of yourself, acting like a man, and gender roles.

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Ep122-Chloe-Hilliard 0

Ep122 – Chloe Hillird Mistress Unknown

From Last Comic Standing, Chloe Hillird brings her friend, a pro dominatrix, Mistress Unknown, to the show. We look at Dante’s first experience with a midget, the life of a dominatrix, if women prefer...

Ep78-Carmen-Lynch 1

Ep78 – Carmen Lynch

We have comedian Carmen Lynch. We talk: How the social contract works with; How we’re not as sophisticated as we think; Female judgments. Asking too many questions as a man: Why guys like younger...

Peter Demas 2

Ep12 – Peter Demas

It’s a packed house as Dante’s nephew is in New York, and we’ve commissioned an expert panel to help him with his confidence issues including: comedian Dustin Chafin, film-maker Peter Demas, and jazz musician...

Geno Bisconte 3

Ep63- Geno Bisconte

We try to determine if we should change one of the principles, the best way to pimp a woman all the way to broadway, and the consequences of stealing Patrice O’neal’s material.