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Ep149-Jason-Saenz 0

Ep149 – Jason Saenz

Comedian Jason Saenz is here to help us discuss: how many girls it takes to get over a break up, best way to break up with a girl, guilt as a man, and do...

Ep148-Adrian-Minkowicz 0

Ep148 – Adrián Minkowicz

Comedian, actor writer, tango dancer Adrián Minkowicz returns to help us discuss: Having children, is monogamy great?, how to handle a player, what is a bum bitch, are relationships more volatile in America, getting...

Ep147-Great-Scott-Mckenzie 0

Ep147 – Great Scott Mckenzie

Social media guru, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Great Scott joins the show to explore: Being Honest with who you are, teachable moments, the constitution of a person, does status matter?, and how women assign...

Ep146-Mike-Cannon 0

Ep146 – Mike Cannon

We’re joined by comedian Mike Cannon and from Glasgow, Scotland Hazel McGrath. We discuss: Communications in relationships, being an experienced lover, taking responsibility, gay/lesbian relationships, knowing what men and women want, rebuilding romantic relationship...

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Ep33-carole-montgomery 3

Ep33 – Carole Montgomery

Kicking off the New Year RIGHT! with comedian Carole Montgomery who teaches us why you shouldn’t live with your mother-in-law. We also discuss Sean Connery’s views on domestic violence, and also some sexual positions....

Ep140-Marina-Franklin 2

Ep140 – Marina Franklin

From Comedy Central comedian Marina Franklin joins us to examine: Women banging young dudes, the differences that come with age, experimenting with intimacy, making big life changes and indifference vs hate.

Ep86-Luis-J-Gomez-Josh-Accardo 2

Ep86 – Luis J. Gomez & Josh Accardo

Double down with comedians Luis J Gomez and Josh Accardo as we examine if sex addiction is real, the science of attraction, and when and how to take control of your relationship.

Ep91-Bob DiBuono 2

Ep91 – Bob DiBuono

Comedian Bob DiBuono comes in to tell us the world’s most bizarre aids-face story and Dante discovers some new theories on cheating. Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes.