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Ep206-Lance-Weiss 0

Ep206 – Lance Weiss

From MTV and The Today show, comedian Lance Weiss his here as we talk: Taking a break from women, time commitment in a relationships, being in the present moment, planning life ahead, calling it...

Ep205-Jordan-Carlos 1

Ep205 – Jordan Carlos

From the Comedy Central, MTV’s Guy Code, and the Nightly Show, Jordan Carlos is back to discuss: Dante riding a unicycle?, New York stories, getting STD’s, women suffrage, women’s safety, and violence.

Ep204-Joey-Gay 0

Ep204 – Joey Gay

From Law and Order and ShowTime, comedian Joey Gay is here to help us discuss: Growing up with women, lies from movies, different styles of flirtation, accepting gifts from women, sex toys as gifts,...

ep203-keith-and-the-girl 1

Ep203 – Keith and the Girl

Podcasting legends Keith and the Girl are back to help us discuss: New marriage, letting go of dead weight, dealing with unsupportive family, too much support, friends with benefits, and when to be emotional.

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Ep169-Kain-Carter 10

Ep169 – Kain Carter

Youtube superstar is in the studio as we attempt to squash the beef over the Patrice O’neal joke theft debate. We talk integrity, growing as a person, breaking girls combination, not jerking off, plus...

Ep136-Yamaneika-Saunders 4

Ep136 – Yamaneika Saunders

We have some technical difficulties up front, but that doesn’t stop a great episode where Last Comic Standing’s Yamaneika Saunders has a revelation for all women, and we talk being a better bitch, mixing...

Ep172-Tom-Cotter 0

Ep172 – Tom Cotter

From America’s Got talent, Leno and Comedy Central, comedian Tom Cotter is here to help out the married dudes, as we explore: women’s emotions, not letting people get away with stuff, how nothing is...

Ep162-Gavin-McInnes 22

Ep162 – Gavin McInnes

Podcaster, writer Gavin McInnes joins the show to help us examine: Is feminism real, is physical violence ever ok, the emasculation of men, cutting off your communication, getting over your ex.