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Ep162-Gavin-McInnes 0

Ep162 – Gavin McInnes

Podcaster, writer Gavin McInnes joins the show to help us examine: Is feminism real, is physical violence ever ok, the emasculation of men, cutting off your communication, getting over your ex.

Ep161-Ralph-Sutton 0

Ep161 – Ralph Sutton

From the Sex Drugs and Rock N’ Roll podcast, Ralph Sutton joins the show to help us examine: Rock groupies, internet dating, people’s perceptions, managing crazy women, Mara explains what happiness is like, the...

Ep160-Nathan-Macintosh 0

Ep160 – Nathan Macintosh

From Just for Laughs, comedian Nathan Macintosh joins us to examine: Some new theories, why men cheat, why couples therapy rarely works, if you treat rebound chicks differently and wack ass dudes.

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Ep154-Listener-Mail 0

Ep154 – Listener Mail

It’s all about helping people today as we do some listener mail as we talk: sex positions, if it’s ok to be funny during sex, making your man an alpha, getting your chick to...

Ep108-Keith-Malley 1

Ep108 – Keith Malley from Keith and the Girl

Keith Malley from Keith and the Girl is finally here to help us explore, the beauty of not giving a fuck, learning from your past relationships, how to take criticism, and the search for...

Ep36-microphone-looking-at-crowd 1

Ep36 – Wayne Rada

Wayne Rada, former manager of the late great pimp himself, Patrice O’Neal, stops by to give his endorsement of The Beige Phillip show. Some comedians have accused Dante of trying to capitalize on Patrice’s...

Ep33-carole-montgomery 3

Ep33 – Carole Montgomery

Kicking off the New Year RIGHT! with comedian Carole Montgomery who teaches us why you shouldn’t live with your mother-in-law. We also discuss Sean Connery’s views on domestic violence, and also some sexual positions....