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Ep145-Jamie-Roberts 0

Ep145 – Jamie Roberts

Comedian Jamie Roberts stops in to help us explore: When it’s over, is cheatingemotional or physical, keeping her emotionally full, integrity amnesia, how to have an argument, and disrespectful women.

Ep144-Kenney-Josephs 0

Ep144 – Kenney Josephs

Comedian Kenney Josephs returns to help us find out: How mature you are, are you infallible, are you anticipating her needs, dealing with chicks that don’t listen, rebuilding past flames, and dealing with in-laws.

Ep143–Mo-Fathelbab 5

Ep143 – Mo Fathelbab

Comedian and producer Mo Fathelbab drops in to help us examine: Why all men want is peace, giving off Feminine energy, defining yourself, placating others, caring for yourself and moving on.

Ep142-Eman-Morgan-Mike-Lemme 1

Ep142 – Eman Morgan and Mike Lemme

Comedians Eman Morgan and Mike Lemme join us as we explore: Learning from your mistakes, getting over fear, being a goofy dude, turning a no into a yes.

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Ep98-Hailey-Boyle-2 2

Ep98 – Hailey Boyle

Comedian Hailey Boyle, from Kevin Hart’s new movie, drops by to go over the the crazy nonsensical rules woman have, creating plausible deniability for women, slut shaming, and evolving as a person in life...

Ep16-rick-younger 1

Ep16 – Rick Younger

Co-host Mara Marek is back! Plus comedian Rick Younger teaches us how to do the Nasty…Brian McKnight style. Hosted by comedian Dante Nero. Co-hosted by comedians Harry Terjanian and Mara Marek.

Ep120-Paul-Virzi 1

Ep120 – Paul Virzi

Comedian’s Paul Virzi who has opend for Bill Burr, and comedian Byron Bowers join us as we explore , being a man of your word, the proximity rule, being observant, and the three levels...

Ep111-Hadiyah-Robinson 1

Ep111 – Hadiyah Robinson

From BET’s comic view and “According to Him or Her,” Hadiyah Robison explains her three man systems, and we examine, if women have systems, being comfortable in your own skin, and getting over a...