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Ep209-Paul-Spratt 0

Ep209 – Paul Spratt

From Sirius radio, comedian Paul Spratt is here, to help us examine: Building yourself up, men and women’s genes, and being the sideman in a threesome.

Ep208-Matt-Richards 0

Ep208 – Matt Richards

From MTV’s joking off, comedian Matt Richards is here as we discuss: Young heart break, getting over a break up, NY and LA women, body language, alpha chicks, and tantric sex.

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Ep207 – Listener Mail

Just the family as we answer some listener mail with a lot of topics including: Starting kids on the Beige Phillip Program, old loves, and blacking out.

Ep206-Lance-Weiss 4

Ep206 – Lance Weiss

From MTV and The Today show, comedian Lance Weiss his here as we talk: Taking a break from women, time commitment in a relationships, being in the present moment, planning life ahead, calling it...

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Ep178-Mia-Isabella 3

Ep178 – Mia Isabella

TS Superstar Mia Isabella is here to talk anything and everything, about: Transgender lifestyles, women’s right’s, alpha chicks, feminism, being too flirty, and living in a bubble Guest Links Twitter:

Ep36-microphone-looking-at-crowd 1

Ep36 – Wayne Rada

Wayne Rada, former manager of the late great pimp himself, Patrice O’Neal, stops by to give his endorsement of The Beige Phillip show. Some comedians have accused Dante of trying to capitalize on Patrice’s...

Ep30-best-of-2012 0

Ep30 – Best of 2012

To end the year right, we present some of the best moments of 2012. Hosted by comedian Dante Nero. Co-hosted by comedians Harry Terjanian and Mara Marek.

Ep136-Yamaneika-Saunders 4

Ep136 – Yamaneika Saunders

We have some technical difficulties up front, but that doesn’t stop a great episode where Last Comic Standing’s Yamaneika Saunders has a revelation for all women, and we talk being a better bitch, mixing...