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Ep170-Stephanie-Santiago 0

Ep170 – Stephanie Santiago

From Angala Yee’s Lip Service Podcast, model Stephanie Santiago joins the show as we discuss: Being sincere, not being used, what makes a strong woman, personal worth, and being an asshole.

Ep169-Kain-Carter 0

Ep169 – Kain Carter

Youtube superstar is in the studio as we attempt to squash the beef over the Patrice O’neal joke theft debate. We talk integrity, growing as a person, breaking girls combination, not jerking off, plus...

Ep168-Jeffrey-Gurian 5

Ep168 – Jeffrey Gurian

Comedian, writer and confirmed bunny hunter Jeffrey Gurian is back to help us explore: Why it all comes down to fear, adjusting your mind, getting over fear, What Would Dante Dos, being comfortable with,...

Ep167-Wali-Collins 0

Ep167 – Wali Collins

From Comedy Central and MTV, the great Wali Collins is here as we talk: Doing stuff with your chick, divorce, the value of men vs women, protecting your manhood at all costs, the right...

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Ep120-Paul-Virzi 1

Ep120 – Paul Virzi

Comedian’s Paul Virzi who has opend for Bill Burr, and comedian Byron Bowers join us as we explore , being a man of your word, the proximity rule, being observant, and the three levels...

Ep98-Hailey-Boyle-2 2

Ep98 – Hailey Boyle

Comedian Hailey Boyle, from Kevin Hart’s new movie, drops by to go over the the crazy nonsensical rules woman have, creating plausible deniability for women, slut shaming, and evolving as a person in life...

Ep49-Lori-Summer 0

Ep49 – Lori Summer

Meet the woman Dante will have a baby with if time runs out on them. Also find out how much is the appropriate amount of freak for a man or a woman? How much...

Ep15-Irene Bremis 1

Ep15 – Irene Bremis

It’s Irene Bremis’s sexiness vs Josh Accardo’s garbageness. Irene tells us what you ‘ll give up when you’ll get older, and Josh reveals some of his secrets…some. Also…Turkey Dicks…yup…Turkey Dicks. Hosted by comedian Dante...