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Ep193 – Chris Distefano

From Letterman, and MTV’s Guy Code, Chris Deistefano , is here as we examine: being a good father, surviving a storm, your perspective of yourself, getting past your obstacles, and putting a woman under...

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Ep192 – Pat Dixon

From the NYC Crime Report podcast, comedian Pat Dixon is here as we discuss: Feminism, 50 Shades of Grey, rape accusations, women’s safety, and not getting taken advantage of.

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Ep191 – Gina Brillon

From Late Night with Seth Myers and Gotham Comedy, comedian Gina Brillion joins us as we discuss: Braking up, letting go of resentment, being a positive person, and getting over a cheater.

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Ep190 – Pete Lee

From Letterman and Comedy Central comedian Pete Lee is here to help us examine: Being the nice guy, the backlash against Darwinism, and being reasonable firm and fair.

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Ep117 – Jared Freid

Comedian Jared Freid joins us to discuss being amazing, tinder pic scams, victory through rejections, and which song Dante lost his virginity to. Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes. Also, you can...

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Ep47 – Damien Lemon (Bonus)

Our fuck up is your gain. This mini episode features the hilarious Damien Lemon, from “Guy Code,” who gives us the key to keeping a long-term relationship going, what the word on the streets...

Ep27-Jen ramauro 2

Ep27 – Jen Remauro

Comedian Jen Remauro explains how NOT to cheat on your girl, and we learn how vindictive women are when they’re bored. Hosted by comedian Dante Nero. Co-hosted by comedians Harry Terjanian and Mara Marek....

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Ep44 – Live Podcasting

It’s just the family in this episode. As Dante Nero, Harry Terjanian and Mara Marek prepare for the Live Podcast from Caroline’s, they take time to answer some Listener mail. Also, Dante needs self...