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Ep214-Blair-Socci 0

Ep214 – Blair Socci

From MTV’s lady-like, comedian Blair Socci is here to help us explore: Fun people, break ups, being self introspective, stalkers, blue balls, not jerking off, soft dicks, and parenting.

Ep213-Myka-Fox 1

Ep213 – Myka Fox

Comedian and radio personality Myka Fox is here and we get into it as we discuss: Misogyny, rape, alpha chicks, open relationships, and women bringing up old flames.

Ep212-Chris-Milner-Andrew-Collins 0

Ep212 – Chris Milner and Andrew Collins

Comedian’s Chris Milner and Andrew Collins are here and we go deep as we discuss: An update on the internet haters, engagement for green cards, being a divorced parent, how to break up, and...

Ep211-James-Geoff 2

Ep211 – James Geoff

Comedian James Goff is back! And shot’s are fires !!!! We answer some hater ass bitches, the New beige Phillip App, what is $2.00, being willing to leave, MIGTOW’s and getting tested.

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Ep150-Shannon-Lee-Heyer 3

Ep150 – Shannon Lee Heyer

From The Thing Is Podcast, Shannon Lee Heyer is BACK! And this time we discuss: From The Thing Is Podcast, Shannon Lee Heyer is BACK! And this time we discuss: if men know more...

Ep123-Jared-Logan 3

Ep123 – Jared Logan

Lots of questions answered from VH1 and Comedy Central’s Jared Logan, and Will Winnner. They help us find out: What are the principles of attractions? Can you love a strong a woman? Can you...

Ep209-Paul-Spratt 2

Ep209 – Paul Spratt

From Sirius radio, comedian Paul Spratt is here, to help us examine: Building yourself up, men and women’s genes, and being the sideman in a threesome.

Ep208-Matt-Richards 0

Ep208 – Matt Richards

From MTV’s joking off, comedian Matt Richards is here as we discuss: Young heart break, getting over a break up, NY and LA women, body language, alpha chicks, and tantric sex.