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Ep176-Cisco-Rosado 0

Ep176 – Cisco Rosado

From love and Hip Hop, Cisco Rosado is here to help us talk: Not giving too much attention, side bitches, being too nice, being a viable mate, and protecting your manhood at any cost....

Ep175-Keith-and-the-Girl 0

Ep175 – Keith and the Girl

The kings of podcasting, are here as we talk, Harry’s dating life, sex positions, Tinder, the clam whisperer, divorce, and paying attention. Guest Links Website: Twitter: @keithandthegirl

Ep174-Alberto-Empowers 3

Ep174 – Alberto Empowers

The man who taught Dante Nero game; life coach Alberto Empowers is here, as we discuss: The story of how Dante learned to pimp, women are NOT evil, empowering yourself, getting past your self...

Ep173-Listener-Mail 1

Ep173 – Listener Mail

It’s just the family as we answer listener mail and cover: male domestic violence, dating with a disability, young chicks attitude, intimacy problems, and always having an answer.

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Jonathan Finlayson 2

Ep8 – Jonathan Finlayson

Dante and Harry welcome back the great Jeffrey Gurian to discuss stripping stories, why you never compliment a man on his lady and some stories about Dante’s G-string days. Hosted by comedian, Dante Nero....

Ep94-Joe-Matarese 0

Ep94 – Joe Matarese

Comedian Joe Matarese stops by as we discuss why you need to set boundaries in a marriage and how Joe actually inspired Dante to do this podcast. Be sure to rate and comment on...

Biggie Christmas 1

Ep31 – Biggie Christmas

Dante, Harry, and Mara exchange Christmas gifts and recap a great 1st year of the Beige Phillip show, and along the way we discuss when men become bitches, and what’s proper behavior from your...

Ep150-Shannon-Lee-Heyer 2

Ep150 – Shannon Lee Heyer

From The Thing Is Podcast, Shannon Lee Heyer is BACK! And this time we discuss: From The Thing Is Podcast, Shannon Lee Heyer is BACK! And this time we discuss: if men know more...