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Ep183-Moe-The-Monster 0

Ep183 – Moe The Monster

Adult entertainer extraordinaire, Moe The Monster is here talking about his animated adult series racism in porn, dating in porn, intimacy vs physical sex, being a better bitch, and juggling multiple women.

Ep182-Jeff-Leach 1

Ep182 – Jeff Leach

From England comedian Jeff Leach is here to talk, Threesomes, domestic violence, cultural differences, interracial dating, and looking at other women.

Ep181-Coco-Brown 2

Ep181 – Coco Brown

Adult film star DJ and astronaut CoCo Brown is here to explore: Not getting walked all over, Hitachi magic wand stories, Rules in everyday life.

Ep180-Valentino-Kohen 2

Ep180 – Valentino Kohen

International dating coach Valentino Kohen is here to help us talk: Dating techniques, body language, feeling understood, what you attract, and if marriage is worth it. Stupid it’s not chemistry 24:30.

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Ep65-Danny Lobell 0

Ep65 – Danny Lobell

We break the format to tell some Patrice O’neal stories with comedian/podcast founding father, Danny Lobell. We also talk self esteem, brother bonding, and comedy.

Ep36-microphone-looking-at-crowd 1

Ep36 – Wayne Rada

Wayne Rada, former manager of the late great pimp himself, Patrice O’Neal, stops by to give his endorsement of The Beige Phillip show. Some comedians have accused Dante of trying to capitalize on Patrice’s...

Ep26-Jefandi Cato 2

Ep26 – Jefandi Cato

Dante and Mara are without Harry this week, so Jefandi Cato is here to discuss feminism, the difference between what women need and want, and just what is BEYOND OUR CONTROL! Hosted by comedian...

Leighann Lord 4

Ep51 – Leighann Lord

The queen is here! Comedian Leighann Lord joins us as we break down the sex rolls of both men and women, what sacrifices they each have to make, Mara’s advice for the ladies and...