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ep218-simeon-goodson-and-matt-pavich 0

Ep218 – Simeon Goodson and Matt Pavich

Comedians Simeon Goodson and Matt Pavich (MTV Joking Off) are here as we discuss: Life in Abu Dabbi, different sex cultures, mental illness, and breaking up.

Ep216-Ester-Steinberg 0

Ep216 – Ester Steinberg

From Oxygen and TBS Just for Laughs, comedian Ester Steinberg is here as we discuss: Female orgasms, sex advice for chicks, why we cheat, paying attention to body language during sex, and good sex.

Ep215-Marcia-Belsky-and-Noah-Gardenswartz 1

Ep215 – Marcia Belsky and Noah Gardenswartz

From the Headless women of Hollywood blog, Marcia Belsky is here and so is MTV and Comedy Central comedian Noah Gardenswartz , as we discuss: Feminism, selling sex, transgendered people, insecurity, texting.

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Ep196-Jonathan-Randall 1

Ep196 – Jonathan Randall

Comedian Jonathan Randall has returned as we follow up on his big break up and how Dante helped him, as well: the clarity after break ups, how much sacrifice you have to make, and...

Ep28-Mr-Motion 1

Ep28 – Mr. Motion

It’s our first ever live podcast, with Josh Accardo, Jeffrey Gurian, James Goff and some of the Beige Phillip faithful with their questions. Hosted by comedian, Dante Nero. Co-hosted by comedians, Harry Terjanian and...

Rondell Hartley 1

Ep14 – Rondell Hartley

Dante and Harry welcome comedian Rondell Hartley, the only man to find out he’s the father of a child…twice. Plus we bring back comedian James Geoff to find out what happened in his youth...

Ep149-Jason-Saenz 0

Ep149 – Jason Saenz

Comedian Jason Saenz is here to help us discuss: how many girls it takes to get over a break up, best way to break up with a girl, guilt as a man, and do...