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Ep118-Nick-Vatterott 0

Ep118 – Nick Vatterott

From the Just For Laughs Festival, comedian Nick Vatterott storms into our studios to help us examine getting over your fears, when you have nothing in common with a girl, being aware of your...

Ep117-Jared-Freid 0

Ep117 – Jared Freid

Comedian Jared Freid joins us to discuss being amazing, tinder pic scams, victory through rejections, and which song Dante lost his virginity to. Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes. Also, you can...

Ep116-Mark-Normand 0

Ep116 – Mark Normand

From Comedy Central, Conan and Jimmy Fallon, Mark Normand is with us as we analyze the value of letting your inhibitions go, putting yourself first, bitch-dudes and why indifference is worse than anger. Be...

Ep115-Ari-Shaffir 0

Ep115 – Ari Shaffir

From Comedy Central the great Ari Shaffir joins us as we show you how to not except anything less, learn to spot when a woman has checked out, and how to learn your value....

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Greer Barnes 0

Ep58 – Greer Barnes

After months of trying, we FINALLY receive a visit from the great, Greer Barnes. We talk women getting annoying, the do’s and don’ts of non-sexual touching, gold-diggers, and taking control in relationships.

Greg Warren & Jordon Ferber 0

Ep74 – Greg Warren & Jordon Ferber

We’re doing some personal renovations with comedians Greg Warren (Last Comic Standing) and Jordon Ferber. We’ll show them how to get your sexual mojo back, and the proper way to deal with a jealous...

Ep109-Dov-Davidoff-Jeff-Glasse 0

Ep109 – Dov Davidoff & Jeff Glasse

From Chelsey Lately and comedy Central, comedians Dov Davidoff and Jeff Glasse help us learn how to spot red flags, manage crazy, and discuss the instinctual drive. Be sure to rate and comment on...

Mark Anthony Ramirez 0

Ep4 – Mark Anthony Ramirez

Dirty Feminists Dante Nero and Co-host Harry Terjanian, welcome comedians Mark Anthony Ramirez and Mara Marek. Because we got so caught up in Dante’s 11-women orgy, we never got enough time to chat with...