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Ep152-Alexis-Guerreros 0

Ep152 – Alexis and Dee Guerreros

Comedian Alexis Guerreros and his wife and photographer, Dee are with us to examine: Growing up without a male figure, men and women needing each other, today’s feminism, communicating in relationship, not repressing feeling,...

Ep151-Vic-Henley 0

Ep151 – Vic Henley

From Comedy Central, comedian Vic Henley is here to aid us in discussing: The expectations of a man, why do men marry, how do men fuck it all up, the tittle of boyfriend, expressing...

Ep150-Shannon-Lee-Heyer 0

Ep150 – Shannon Lee Heyer

From The Thing Is Podcast, Shannon Lee Heyer is BACK! And this time we discuss: From The Thing Is Podcast, Shannon Lee Heyer is BACK! And this time we discuss: if men know more...

Ep149-Jason-Saenz 0

Ep149 – Jason Saenz

Comedian Jason Saenz is here to help us discuss: how many girls it takes to get over a break up, best way to break up with a girl, guilt as a man, and do...

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Ep130-Mike-Yard 3

Ep130 – Mike Yard

Getting back into the game after losing someone, how women have changed, picking someone up on the rebound, women not caring about your finances and calling women on their shit.

Ep25-James Geoff 2

Ep25 – James Goff

Perhaps one of our most entertaining, all be it, woefully ignorant episodes. We talk aids, vasectomies, and all around nonsense with special guests: Christine Meehan, James Geoff, Kenney Josephs, Jayson Cross. Hosted by comedian...

Ep49-Lori-Summer 0

Ep49 – Lori Summer

Meet the woman Dante will have a baby with if time runs out on them. Also find out how much is the appropriate amount of freak for a man or a woman? How much...

Ep135-Nore-Davis 0

Ep135 – Nore Davis

From Comedy Central, comedian Nore Davis comes out to help us discuss: getting caught cheating, being an emotional dude, being raised by chicks, father and son communication and being self aware.