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Ep222-Comedian-Jared-Freid 0

Ep222 – Comedian Jared Freid

Comedian Jared Freid is back, as we discuss: Getting set up on dates, how to use dating apps, girls who make you work for it, and how to be dirty.

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Ep221 – Brendan Eyre

From Comedy Central Comedian Brendan Eye is here as we discuss: watching your girl cheat on you, women appreciating your love, keeping the spark going, and overcoming your insecurities.

Ep220-Lauren-Kubera-and-Chris-Scopo 0

Ep220 – Lauren Kubera and Chris Scopo

From Bobby Kelly’s YKWD podcast Lauren Kubera and Scopo are here as we discuss: What turns women off, getting too comfortable, taking responsibility for your relationship, dick size, and defending your women.

Ep219-Frank-Liotti-and-Clark-Jones 0

Ep219 – Frank Liotti and Clark Jones

Comedians Frank Liotti and Clark Jones are here as we discuss: Homosexual relationships, running red lights, spitting, aggressive sex, male and female friendships, being credible, and internet dating.

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PJ Landers 0

Ep76 – PJ Landers

Never Go to the Theater! Lot’s of questions get answered. What happens when you’re with someone who doesn’t get it? Who is the king of the jungle? Who forced Lincoln to go to the...

Ep93-Steve-Williams 3

Ep93 – Steve “The Dean” Williams

Today on The Beige Phillip Show, the gang sits down with dating coach and ex gigolo Steve the Dean Williams schools us on some technical advice and how to build up your confidence. Be...

Ep81-Jordan-Carlos 0

Ep81 – Jodan Carlos

From MTV’s Guy Code and Girl Code comedian Jordan Carlos helps us discuss why there is no actual girl code, why being afraid of your girl well never get her to respect you, and...

ep85-Bret-Ernst 5

Ep85 – Bret Ernst

Comedian and husband Bret Ernst gives us the secret to a happy relationship, while we discuss manly men, and manlier women.