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Ep149-Jason-Saenz 0

Ep149 – Jason Saenz

Comedian Jason Saenz is here to help us discuss: how many girls it takes to get over a break up, best way to break up with a girl, guilt as a man, and do...

Ep148-Adrian-Minkowicz 0

Ep148 – Adrián Minkowicz

Comedian, actor writer, tango dancer Adrián Minkowicz returns to help us discuss: Having children, is monogamy great?, how to handle a player, what is a bum bitch, are relationships more volatile in America, getting...

Ep147-Great-Scott-Mckenzie 0

Ep147 – Great Scott Mckenzie

Social media guru, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Great Scott joins the show to explore: Being Honest with who you are, teachable moments, the constitution of a person, does status matter?, and how women assign...

Ep146-Mike-Cannon 0

Ep146 – Mike Cannon

We’re joined by comedian Mike Cannon and from Glasgow, Scotland Hazel McGrath. We discuss: Communications in relationships, being an experienced lover, taking responsibility, gay/lesbian relationships, knowing what men and women want, rebuilding romantic relationship...

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Ep91-Bob DiBuono 2

Ep91 – Bob DiBuono

Comedian Bob DiBuono comes in to tell us the world’s most bizarre aids-face story and Dante discovers some new theories on cheating. Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes.

Kyle Grooms 1

Ep20 – Kyle Grooms

Another packed house as Dante Nero, Harry Terjanian and Mara Marek discuss the downfall of man-hood, the issues with feminism, creating a bidding war, and Kurt Metzger’s junk size pushing in your organs. With...

Ep26-Jefandi Cato 2

Ep26 – Jefandi Cato

Dante and Mara are without Harry this week, so Jefandi Cato is here to discuss feminism, the difference between what women need and want, and just what is BEYOND OUR CONTROL! Hosted by comedian...

Ep39-Shannon Lee Heyer 6

Ep39 – Shannon Lee Heyer

Is it ok for a man to eat an ice cream cone? Fuck yeah! After Dante appeared on “The Thing Is…” podcast with Shannon Lee Heyer & Tiffany Schwenk, the ladies were kind enough...