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Ep152-Alexis-Guerreros 0

Ep152 – Alexis and Dee Guerreros

Comedian Alexis Guerreros and his wife and photographer, Dee are with us to examine: Growing up without a male figure, men and women needing each other, today’s feminism, communicating in relationship, not repressing feeling,...

Ep151-Vic-Henley 0

Ep151 – Vic Henley

From Comedy Central, comedian Vic Henley is here to aid us in discussing: The expectations of a man, why do men marry, how do men fuck it all up, the tittle of boyfriend, expressing...

Ep150-Shannon-Lee-Heyer 0

Ep150 – Shannon Lee Heyer

From The Thing Is Podcast, Shannon Lee Heyer is BACK! And this time we discuss: From The Thing Is Podcast, Shannon Lee Heyer is BACK! And this time we discuss: if men know more...

Ep149-Jason-Saenz 0

Ep149 – Jason Saenz

Comedian Jason Saenz is here to help us discuss: how many girls it takes to get over a break up, best way to break up with a girl, guilt as a man, and do...

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The-Family 2

Ep80 – Just The Family

It’s just the Family for this Thanks giving ep as we thank the listeners by answering some of their questions. We find out if the vagina is the way to a woman’s heart, how...

Geno Bisconte 3

Ep63- Geno Bisconte

We try to determine if we should change one of the principles, the best way to pimp a woman all the way to broadway, and the consequences of stealing Patrice O’neal’s material.

Ep35-Gina-Brillon 0

Ep35 – Gina Brillon

We welcome comedians Gina Brillon and James Goff as we discuss when it’s ok to cry (almost never), training your ladies, kids/losing and some listener mail. Hosted by comedian Dante Nero. Co-hosted by comedians...

Ep94-Joe-Matarese 0

Ep94 – Joe Matarese

Comedian Joe Matarese stops by as we discuss why you need to set boundaries in a marriage and how Joe actually inspired Dante to do this podcast. Be sure to rate and comment on...