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Ep121-Monroe-Noah 0

Ep121 – Monroe Martin & Noah Gardenswartz

We’re joined by Last Comic Standing’s Monroe Martin and MTV GuyCode, Noah Gardenswartz, help us examine if you can you develop swag, how to deal with someone threatening your time, being reasonable, and how...

Ep120-Paul-Virzi 1

Ep120 – Paul Virzi

Comedian’s Paul Virzi who has opend for Bill Burr, and comedian Byron Bowers join us as we explore , being a man of your word, the proximity rule, being observant, and the three levels...

Ep119-Rich-Aronovitch 0

Ep119 – Rich Aronovitch

Comedian Rich Aronovitch helps us explore how to break up with a chick, when not to show your hand, if a woman is your sidekick, and online dating. Be sure to rate and comment...

Ep118-Nick-Vatterott 0

Ep118 – Nick Vatterott

From the Just For Laughs Festival, comedian Nick Vatterott storms into our studios to help us examine getting over your fears, when you have nothing in common with a girl, being aware of your...

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Leighann Lord 2

Ep51 – Leighann Lord

The queen is here! Comedian Leighann Lord joins us as we break down the sex rolls of both men and women, what sacrifices they each have to make, Mara’s advice for the ladies and...

Ep100-Chris-Distefano 2

Ep100 – Chris Distefano

We made it to episode 100! And to celebrate Dante’s bringing in a personal success story with Chris Distefano who’s story shows us how to get over a break up, regain your confidence, how...

Ep61- Malone Mcfly 0

Ep61- Malone McFly

We’re talking brand new apps for your STD’s, how long it takes to heal from a break-up, and how no woman wants to date someone with no ride.

Ep48-Abel tavares 0

Ep48 – DJ Abel & Keren Margolis

Deejay Able Taveras and Comedian Keren Margolis are here to help us discuss the intricacies of open relationships, making up for lost time as a late bloomer, how a girl in a back brace...