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Ep176-Cisco-Rosado 0

Ep176 – Cisco Rosado

From love and Hip Hop, Cisco Rosado is here to help us talk: Not giving too much attention, side bitches, being too nice, being a viable mate, and protecting your manhood at any cost....

Ep175-Keith-and-the-Girl 0

Ep175 – Keith and the Girl

The kings of podcasting, are here as we talk, Harry’s dating life, sex positions, Tinder, the clam whisperer, divorce, and paying attention. Guest Links Website: Twitter: @keithandthegirl

Ep174-Alberto-Empowers 3

Ep174 – Alberto Empowers

The man who taught Dante Nero game; life coach Alberto Empowers is here, as we discuss: The story of how Dante learned to pimp, women are NOT evil, empowering yourself, getting past your self...

Ep173-Listener-Mail 1

Ep173 – Listener Mail

It’s just the family as we answer listener mail and cover: male domestic violence, dating with a disability, young chicks attitude, intimacy problems, and always having an answer.

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Ep72-Michael Kosta 2 1

Ep72 – Michael Kosta

How much loyalty do you owe a lady and vice/versa? Also is marriage and monogamy natural or a man-mad creation? Comedian Michael Kosta drops in to help answer these questions and drink our liquor.

Greg Warren & Jordon Ferber 0

Ep74 – Greg Warren & Jordon Ferber

We’re doing some personal renovations with comedians Greg Warren (Last Comic Standing) and Jordon Ferber. We’ll show them how to get your sexual mojo back, and the proper way to deal with a jealous...

Ep16-rick-younger 2

Ep16 – Rick Younger

Co-host Mara Marek is back! Plus comedian Rick Younger teaches us how to do the Nasty…Brian McKnight style. Hosted by comedian Dante Nero. Co-hosted by comedians Harry Terjanian and Mara Marek.

PJ Landers 0

Ep76 – PJ Landers

Never Go to the Theater! Lot’s of questions get answered. What happens when you’re with someone who doesn’t get it? Who is the king of the jungle? Who forced Lincoln to go to the...