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Ep100-Chris-Distefano 0

Ep100 – Chris Distefano

We made it to episode 100! And to celebrate Dante’s bringing in a personal success story with Chris Distefano who’s story shows us how to get over a break up, regain your confidence, how...

Ep99-Dan-St-Germain 0

Ep99 – Dan St. Germain

From Comedy Central and VH1 helps guide us through long distance relationships, the appropriate amount of relationship sex, and men with low sex drives.

Ep98-Hailey-Boyle-2 0

Ep98 – Hailey Boyle

Comedian Hailey Boyle, from Kevin Hart’s new movie, drops by to go over the the crazy nonsensical rules woman have, creating plausible deniability for women, slut shaming, and evolving as a person in life...

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Ep28-Mr-Motion 1

Ep28 – Mr. Motion

It’s our first ever live podcast, with Josh Accardo, Jeffrey Gurian, James Goff and some of the Beige Phillip faithful with their questions. Hosted by comedian, Dante Nero. Co-hosted by comedians, Harry Terjanian and...

Jimmy Martinez 1

Ep54 – Jimmy Martinez

Comedian, radio personality and ex-con Jimmy Martinez stops by. We go over the proper way to deal with your lady’s cat-callers, how to survive jail life, and the time he and Patrice O’Neal pushed...

Ep89-Michael-Che-Andrew-Shultz 0

Ep89 – Michael Che & Andrew Shultz

In this episode, The Beige Phillip Show was featured in this years New York Podcast Festival. They brought in Michael Che and Andrew Shultz to discuss a variety of different relationship topics. Enjoy. Be...

Kyle Grooms 0

Ep20 – Kyle Grooms

Another packed house as Dante Nero, Harry Terjanian and Mara Marek discuss the downfall of man-hood, the issues with feminism, creating a bidding war, and Kurt Metzger’s junk size pushing in your organs. With...