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Ep166-Rell-Battle 0

Ep166 – Rell Battle

Comedian, Rell Battle returns to help us examine: giving it your all, conquering fear, making time, bringing a chick up.

Ep165-Corrine-Fisher 0

Ep165 – Corrine Fisher

From the Guy’s We Fucked podcast, comedian Corrine Fisher Joins the show as we discuss: Self esteem, cutting, casual sex, strong men, sifting through the nonsense, women being funny, and Cat-calling.

Ep164-Katie-Halper 4

Ep164 – Katie Halper

Comedian, writer and radio host Katie Halper joins the show as we discuss: Feminism, how much oral sex is the correct responsibility, proper motivation, nice guys and jerks, and punk ass bitches.

Ep163-DC-Benny 2

Ep163 – DC Benny

From Last Comic Standing and Comedy Central, comedian DC Benny joins the show as: we talk some comedy, problem solving, the math of relationships, showing weakness, seeking perfection forgiveness, training your spouse, and jive...

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Back Door Man 1

Ep5 – Backdoor Man

Dante and Harry take some time to review the Beige Phillip rules. It’s time to cram for your GYBB exam. Hosted by comedian Dante Nero. Co-hosted by comedians Harry Terjanian and Mara Marek.

Ep123-Jared-Logan 3

Ep123 – Jared Logan

Lots of questions answered from VH1 and Comedy Central’s Jared Logan, and Will Winnner. They help us find out: What are the principles of attractions? Can you love a strong a woman? Can you...

Ep138-Leighann-Lord-Bronston-Jones 1

Ep138 – Leighann Lord and Bronston Jones

bp Comedians Leighann Lord and Bronston Jones help us examine: Being trustworthy and decisive, the differences between men and boys, how the new generation of males look at, chicks, spending on a woman, outgrowing...

Harrison Greennbaum 1

Ep79 – Harrison Greenbaum

Today’s episode we have comedian Harrison Greenbaum joins us as we discuss, why the Opie and Anthony show hates Harry, why women don’t sleep with nice guys, when a woman looks for an upgrade,...