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Ep126-Myq-Kaplan 0

Ep126 – Myq Kaplan

From Letterman, Conan, Fallon, everything… Myq Kaplan the undercover pimp helps us explore open relationships, making sacrifices, and not letting the fire die with your lady.

Ep125-Yannis-Pappas-Simeon-Goodson 1

Ep125 – Yannis Pappas and Simeon Goodson

From MTV and Comedy central comedians Yannis Pappas and Simeon Goodson, help us sort out if you’re born with game, learning to problem solve, dealing with a broken girl, bringing a chick up and...

Ep124-Artie-Lange 0

Ep124 – Artie Lange

The man the myth the legend from the Howard Stern Show, Letterman, comedy central Mad TV…. ARTIE LANGE joins the show as we get into Pre-nups, turbulent relationships, getting your heart broken and the...

Ep123-Jared-Logan 1

Ep123 – Jared Logan

Lots of questions answered from VH1 and Comedy Central’s Jared Logan, and Will Winnner. They help us find out: What are the principles of attractions? Can you love a strong a woman? Can you...

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Ep104-Bobby-Kelly 0

Ep104 – Bobby Kelly

From Opie and Anthony, Comedy Central, Louie, and YKWD podcast it’s BOBBY KELLY DUDE! He helps us go over growing as a person, sexual addiction, men testing women, and just not being a piece...

Ep33-carole-montgomery 2

Ep33 – Carole Montgomery

Kicking off the New Year RIGHT! with comedian Carole Montgomery who teaches us why you shouldn’t live with your mother-in-law. We also discuss Sean Connery’s views on domestic violence, and also some sexual positions....

Yamaneika Saunders 1

Ep7 – Yamaneika Saunders

The hilarious and crazy Yamaneika Saunders attempts to shut down all the “nonsense” that Dante Nero and Harry Terjanian have worked so hard to build. Hosted by comedian Dante Nero. Co-hosted by comedians Harry...

Ep96-Chemda 0

Ep96 – Chemda from Keith and the Girl

Chemda from the Keith and the Girl podcast joins us and has some unfinished business with Harry. Plus we go over the proper rules of a threesome, the connection between sexuality and integrity, as...