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Ep140-Marina-Franklin 0

Ep140 – Marina Franklin

From Comedy Central comedian Marina Franklin joins us to examine: Women banging young dudes, the differences that come with age, experimenting with intimacy, making big life changes and indifference vs hate.

Ep138-Leighann-Lord-Bronston-Jones 1

Ep138 – Leighann Lord and Bronston Jones

bp Comedians Leighann Lord and Bronston Jones help us examine: Being trustworthy and decisive, the differences between men and boys, how the new generation of males look at, chicks, spending on a woman, outgrowing...

Ep137-Jonathan-Randall 0

Ep137 – Jonathan Randall

Comedian Jonathan Randall is going through a break up after NINE YEARS of being faithful!. And we’re hear to help to break down what happened. Knowing you do dope shit. Knowing a woman’s memory...

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Ep44 – Live Podcasting

It’s just the family in this episode. As Dante Nero, Harry Terjanian and Mara Marek prepare for the Live Podcast from Caroline’s, they take time to answer some Listener mail. Also, Dante needs self...

Ep47-Damien-Lemon 0

Ep47 – Damien Lemon (Bonus)

Our fuck up is your gain. This mini episode features the hilarious Damien Lemon, from “Guy Code,” who gives us the key to keeping a long-term relationship going, what the word on the streets...

Ep133-Karl-Hess 1

Ep133 – Karl Hess

From Montreal comedy festival, MTV comedian Karl Hess is here to help us discuss: Men Going Their Own Way, (MGTOW), do men know more about women then women?, and how intense is too intense...

Ep44-Andrew Shulz 0

Ep43 – Andrew Schulz

From MTV’s Guy Code, Andrew Schulz is here to let you know why he used to be a feminist, and why he’s such an attention whore. Hosted by comedian Dante Nero. Co-hosted by comedians...