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Ep113-Ted-Alexandro 0

Ep113 – Ted Alexandro

From Comedy Central and Letterman, Ted Alexandro sits in to help us discus, defining masculinity, the evolved man, and emotional kicks in the ass. Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes. Also, you...

Ep112-Michael-Che 0

Ep112 – Michael Che

From the Daily Show, and Saturday night Live, Michael Che helps us explore the dangers of staying in a relationship too long, embracing change, another threesome story, and listening to cues during sex. Be...

Ep111-Hadiyah-Robinson 0

Ep111 – Hadiyah Robinson

From BET’s comic view and “According to Him or Her,” Hadiyah Robison explains her three man systems, and we examine, if women have systems, being comfortable in your own skin, and getting over a...

Ep110-Sean-Donnelly 0

Ep110 – Sean Donnelly

From Comedy Central and Last Comic Standing, Sean Donnelly joins us to cover the best masturbation positions, the best way to stay married, and answer listener mail. Be sure to rate and comment on...

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Cipha Sounds & Anthony Atamanuik 0

Ep67 – Cipha Sounds & Anthony Atamanuik

Find out why men should never negotiate with terrorists, the proper date-night planning, and the do’s and don’ts of walking out on an argument with Hot97′s Cipha Sounds and UCB’s Anthony Atamanuik.

Ep45-Colin Quinn 0

Ep45 – Colin Quinn

Live in front of our biggest crowd ever, special guest Colin Quinn let’s us in on his theory of why the institution of marriage broke down, why and how anal sex should be illegal....

Ep105-JamesGoff-JayNog 0

Ep105 – James Goff and Jay Nog

Comedians James Goff and Jay Nog join us to discuss being prepared for moving in with your chick, accountability in a relationship, managing time when you’re married, and we answer some listener mail! Be...

Ep107-Benjy-Susswein-Ryan-Beck 0

Ep107 – Benjy Susswein and Ryan Beck

Stand-Up NY’s Benjy Susswein and up-and-coming comedian Ryan Beck, help us find out if women are monogamous, how to prepare for a woman’s test, and finding the things you need to work on.