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Ep145-Jamie-Roberts 0

Ep145 – Jamie Roberts

Comedian Jamie Roberts stops in to help us explore: When it’s over, is cheatingemotional or physical, keeping her emotionally full, integrity amnesia, how to have an argument, and disrespectful women.

Ep144-Kenney-Josephs 0

Ep144 – Kenney Josephs

Comedian Kenney Josephs returns to help us find out: How mature you are, are you infallible, are you anticipating her needs, dealing with chicks that don’t listen, rebuilding past flames, and dealing with in-laws.

Ep143–Mo-Fathelbab 5

Ep143 – Mo Fathelbab

Comedian and producer Mo Fathelbab drops in to help us examine: Why all men want is peace, giving off Feminine energy, defining yourself, placating others, caring for yourself and moving on.

Ep142-Eman-Morgan-Mike-Lemme 1

Ep142 – Eman Morgan and Mike Lemme

Comedians Eman Morgan and Mike Lemme join us as we explore: Learning from your mistakes, getting over fear, being a goofy dude, turning a no into a yes.

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Peter Demas 2

Ep12 – Peter Demas

It’s a packed house as Dante’s nephew is in New York, and we’ve commissioned an expert panel to help him with his confidence issues including: comedian Dustin Chafin, film-maker Peter Demas, and jazz musician...

Ep102-Brian-McFadden 1

Ep102 – Brian McFadden

From Letterman, our buddy Brian Scott Mcfadden returns to help us learn about being the best version of yourself, whether or not public displays of affection are ok, and how men and women are...

Paul Mercurio 0

Ep69 – Paul Mecurio

Hahaha! It’s Episode 69! HAHA. What better way to celebrate than talking gender role structures, three-balls, and sexy bed sores with lawyer turned comedian from the Daily Show and Colbert Report, Paul Mecurio.

Ep22-Pete Davidson 4

Ep22 – Pete Davidson

Dante Nero and Harry Terjanian back (Minus the lovely Mara Marek) attempt to help out the rookie, and potential superstar, Pete Davidson. Plus friend/musician/lady’s man Jonathan Finlayson hangs out, and helps answer listener’s questions....