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Ep162-Gavin-McInnes 0

Ep162 – Gavin McInnes

Podcaster, writer Gavin McInnes joins the show to help us examine: Is feminism real, is physical violence ever ok, the emasculation of men, cutting off your communication, getting over your ex.

Ep161-Ralph-Sutton 0

Ep161 – Ralph Sutton

From the Sex Drugs and Rock N’ Roll podcast, Ralph Sutton joins the show to help us examine: Rock groupies, internet dating, people’s perceptions, managing crazy women, Mara explains what happiness is like, the...

Ep160-Nathan-Macintosh 0

Ep160 – Nathan Macintosh

From Just for Laughs, comedian Nathan Macintosh joins us to examine: Some new theories, why men cheat, why couples therapy rarely works, if you treat rebound chicks differently and wack ass dudes.

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Ep127-Jon-Laster 1

Ep127 – Jon Laster

Comedian/actor Jon Laster helps us examine being a know it all, not being a know it all, setting traps, and making the moment with a woman happen.

Yamaneika Saunders 6

Ep55 – Yamaneika Saunders

Comedian Yamaneika Saunders is back, angrier, crazier and funnier, to help us discuss, the do’s and don’t of taking out a lady, whether or not people need to be more realistic in their preferences,...

Ep156-Lauren-Hennessy 5

Ep156 – Lauren Hennessy

Podcaster and actor Lauren Hennessy is here and we’re talking : the LGBT community, taking your time to be present with a women, waterproof self esteem, masculine and feminine energy, and what is a...

Ep128-DeAdre-Aziza 5

Ep128 – De’Adre Aziza

One of Dante’s exes, actress and singer De’Adre Aziza is here. It’s a first hand account of Dante’s relationships and we also find out about making your woman better, making it impossible for her...