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Ep227 – Corrine Fisher

From the Guy’s We Fucked Podcast it’s Corrine Fisher, here as we discuss: Feminism, rape fantasy, hitting on a person in a relationship, planning dates, and being reasonable.

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Ep226 – Steve Loftus

Comedian Steve Loftus is here as we discuss: fighting with girls, break ups, being supportive, getting too comfortable, sexual positions, making a chick crazy about making sacrifices.

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Ep225 – Christopher Ryan

The author of “Sex at Dawn,” is finally in the pimp cup as Christopher Ryan is here to discuss: the primal urges of sex, the paradigms of sex, Fetishes, sex myths, instinctual struggles, feminism...

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Ep224 – Cindy Rodríguez

Writer, and Podcaster Cindy Rodríguez is here as we discuss: What Harry was like in High school, machismo men, sabotaging yourself, doing the five steps, getting too comfortable, and sexual positions.

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Ep70 – Josh Accardo

Comedian and ladies man Josh Accardo drops in to talk game theory, why the male ego is dangerous, and the do’s and don’t of three-somes.

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Ep133 – Karl Hess

From Montreal comedy festival, MTV comedian Karl Hess is here to help us discuss: Men Going Their Own Way, (MGTOW), do men know more about women then women?, and how intense is too intense...

ep203-keith-and-the-girl 2

Ep203 – Keith and the Girl

Podcasting legends Keith and the Girl are back to help us discuss: New marriage, letting go of dead weight, dealing with unsupportive family, too much support, friends with benefits, and when to be emotional.

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Ep199 – Casey James Salengo

Comedian Casey James Salengo is here to help us talk: Dating someone with no ambition, making a girl earn that ring, cutting off disrespectful behavior, neuro-linguistics programming, and troubleshooting.