Welcome to the brand new Beige Phillip website.

We’re happy to announce our brand new Beige Phillip website for 2013. We want to thank Mike Casentini and The Network Studios for all their hard work in creating our new website in such a short amount of time. Also, we are happy to announce that we have joined forces with The Network Studios, which means we are a part of an emerging network of quality content. For more original content, please visit The Network Studios website.

Our new website features all past episodes as well as a blog, videos, photos, and much more. We will be adding to the site as we go, so be sure to check it out on a regular basis. We’ve also added some contact form for emailing and getting in touch with every member of the group. If you’ve got a question for Dante, Mara, or Harry. Let the know. Just click on their link in the navbar and leave them a question. They may just feature it on the show. Stay tuned for more.